Friday, December 24, 2010

The Comedy Store's Prince of Darkness Guitar...

Christmas has come early today, with the discovery of the penultimate guitar sculpture in the GuitarTown public art installation along L.A.'s infamous Sunset Strip.

Prince of Darkness guitar sculpture by Nic Adams
Prince of Darkness Guitar Nic AdamsNic Adams Prince of Darkness Guitar
As I was driving past I noticed that Margaret Garcia's 'Post Cheech & Chong' guitar had moved to outside The Comedy Store on West Sunset Boulevard and upon closer inspection I spied another sculpture nestled in the doorway, Nic Adams giant 'Prince of Darkness' guitar.
Comedy Store Sunset Strip
This decorated ten-foot-tall Les Paul guitar by Nic Adams is my twenty-fifth discovery along The Strip, with just one more creative design eluding me.
Prince of Darkness GuitarTown sculpture
Nic Adams monster-sized Gibson guitar entitled, 'Prince of Darkness', is an homage to rock legend Ozzy Osbourne and is suitably macabre.
Prince of Darkness Guitar sculpture headNic Adams Prince of Darkness GuitarTown sculpture
If you like this guitar, you can see more of the other impressive GuitarTown sculpture designs here at Jason in Hollywood.

Happy Holidays...

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