Thursday, December 30, 2010

December's coolest billboards around L.A...

With almost a full week of non-stop rain it's been a difficult month to capture the billboards lining L.A.'s skyline in December. Luckily when the sun does break through and the skies are clear, those drinks, film, fashion, TV, music and other cool billboards really do get a chance to shine.

Drinks billboards
Skyy Vodka unzipped billboard
Let's kick off this festive season round-up with this saucy Skyy Vodka 'unzipped' billboard, whose colourful design looks stunning against that California blue sky along the Sunset Strip.
Bacardi bat logo billboard
Bacardi work late billboard
Next up are the new brand ads for Bacardi and I really like their new creative made up of their iconic bat logo.
Maker's Mark Yep, they're real billboard
Always having to showcase the recognisable bottle of alcohol in the creative could be a bit tedious, but Maker's Mark always finds a way to make you smile with their witty copy and innuendo.

Music billboards
Beatles iTunes billboard
The big news in music this month was The Beatles back catalogue finally being available on iTunes and the billboard to promote this momentous milestone didn't disappoint.

Movie billboards
Green Hornet film billboard
The billboard for the new big screen adaptation of cult 60's TV show The Green Hornet burst onto the scene this month along Sunset Boulevard with this action-packed creative.
Gulliver's Travels movie billboard
I liked how they cleverly worked the Gulliver's Travels movie title onto Jack Black's soles on this Lilliput-inspired creative and his shoes peeking over the top of the billboard really helped convey the 3D aspect of the movie.
Yogi Bear picnic billboardYogi Bear and Boo Boo billboard
December also saw another childhood favourite cartoon character take to the big screen, but this time in a mix of CGI and live-action filming.
Yogi Bear river rafting billboardYogi Bear driving billboard
The creatives may help you realise he's smarter than the average bear, but I'm not sure they necessarily let you know this isn't just an animated adventure.
How Do You Know billboard
New Reese Witherspoon romantic comedy, How Do you Know, may have had real star power on its billboard, but it failed to light up the box office this month.
True Grit remake billboard
Finally for movies, the Coen Brothers remake of the John Wayne classic Western, True Grit, looked suitably foreboding around the streets of L.A.

TV billboards
The Cape TV billboard
Whilst lots of shows took a break for the holidays, other new and returning shows geared up for the new television season, like this heroic looking billboard for The Cape.
Wishful Drinking TV billboard
HBO aired Carrie Fisher's one woman stand-up show, Wishing Drinking, and promoted it with this fantastic drunken Princess Leia Star Wars parody. So clever and funny.
Gene Simmons Family Jewels billboard
The sixth season billboard for Gene Simmons Family Jewels reality TV show, about the 'Demon' bassist from the iconic 70's rock band, Kiss, added some sparkle to the Sunset Strip this month.
Hot in Cleveland TV billboard
Whilst Betty White proved she's having the time of her life as her new series, Hot in Cleveland, returns for a second season.
Shameless TV remake billboard
Showtime gives a Hollywood makeover to Channel 4's award-winning Shameless, which looks far more glamorous than the original British show.

Fashion billboards
Emporio Armani winter 2010 billboard
For fashion, Emporio Armani continued to be suitably stylish along Sunset Boulevard.
Louis Vuitton fashion billboard
Louis Vuitton debuted a summery new billboard just in time for the Holiday season, which was a relief as their previous creative had been there for months without changing.
Guess by Marciano sailor billboard
Everyone loves a sailor, well at least that's why this billboard for Guess by Marciano caught my eye along Melrose Avenue.
Tiffany diamond ring billboard
Finally, Tiffany & Co provided the perfect luxury accessory for the woman who has everything, with this stylish billboard for yellow diamond rings.

Games billboards
Epic Mickey wii game billboard
Mickey Mouse received a bit of a makeover for his new Wii game and made quite a splash with this cool billboard.

Travel billboards
Right amount of wrong billboard
And finally for this month, I love this quite literal 'cheeky' billboard for The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, although I'm not really sure they'd allow guests to go bottomless in their pool, no matter how pert their buttocks were.

That's it for 2010, be sure to come back next month for a round-up of the best billboards around L.A. in January and be sure to check out Daily Billboard every day for more cool creatives, or why not follow on Facebook.

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