Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Five worst movies of 2010...

Aside from cinematic triumphs like Inception, Black Swan and The King's Speech, it's been a fairly dire year in film compared to 2009. Disappointing remakes (Clash of the Titans), lackluster adaptations (Prince of Persia) and sequels that add nothing new to the franchise (Predators), have all provided some mediocre movies, but ultimately these are my top five worst films of 2010.

Skyline spaceship billboard
Skyline was the most disappointing sci-fi movie in 2010. Regardless that its low budget still produced some amazing glimpses of an alien invasion, someone forget to tell the filmmakers they actually needed some story to back up all that CGI.

I was totally underwhelmed and this really was a case of the trailer being way better than the end result.
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The Last Airbender movie billboard

Poorly cast actors, bad pacing, a lackluster story and unexciting action sequences all made for a cringe-inducing movie, that was almost impossible to watch and certainly to enjoy. If you thought The Happening was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet.

The Last Airbender movie costumes

Legion movie billboard
Another disappointment in fantasy-horror from the beginning of 2010 was Legion, starring Paul Bettany as a fallen archangel trying to save humanity from the apocalypse.

The film has a great premise, but once again poor execution, not much of a story and a lack of new ideas beyond the central concept, made for a really disposable movie going experience.
Legion movie posters

Daybreakers movie billboard
There was a reason that Daybreakers languished in development hell waiting for a suitable release date, that's because it wasn't very good.

Another case of a cool sci-fi-horror concept gone to waste. In a world where vampires are the norm and a dwindling human population are farmed like cattle for their very life blood, an interesting premise quickly degenerates into a predictable, gore splattered affair.
Daybreakers movie poster

Shutter Island movie billboard
I was hoping that Martin Scorcese's Shutter Island would be an intriguing, suspense and haunting experience, but ultimately for me it was heavy-handed, over acted and had a totally obvious and telegraphed twist.

Leonardo DiCaprio also tries so hard to act and frowns his way through the whole movie, just as he does in Inception. Sadly it's another disappointing movie from an experienced filmmaker and cast.
Shutter Island movie poster
So there you have my top five of the worst films in 2010 (and I've had the good fortune to see over 50 movies at the cinema this year).

Other close contenders included Angelina Jolie's Salt, which brought nothing new to the spy-thriller genre, Amy Adams unoriginal romantic comedy Leap Year and maybe most controversially Disney's Alice in Wonderland, which aside from a great performance by Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen, felt like just another Tim Burton movie, with Johnny Depp doing his usual Johnny Depp thing.

Don't agree? Then let me know why and what your worst films this year have been.

Come back tomorrow to discover what made my top five films of 2010...

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