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Movie costumes round-up around L.A. and beyond...

The more I see original movie costumes and props on display, the more I want to see and learn about who made them and how they were created. I'm also a big fan of Project Runway, so there's obviously a fashion design interest lurking somewhere in my motivations too.

Narnia's Peter Pevensie battle costume
I especially like the more elaborate or period costumes, rather than just street wear wardrobe, but it's still a thrill to see something right in front of you which was on the big screen and probably worn by a famous actor to boot.

Here's the latest round-up of movie costumes and props from around L.A., but also from my recent trip to Orlando, Florida in September.

First up is the battle armour worn by William Moseley as 'Peter Pevensie' in Narnia's Prince Caspian movie. This outfit and others designed by Isis Mussenden were photographed on display at Disney's Hollywood Studios as part of the Journey into Narnia: Prince Caspian attraction.

Villains costume exhibit
Next up is a collection of iconic Villains costumes from the AFI showcase at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Included in the exhibit were a Darth Vader costume, Star Wars Darth Maul, various Pirates of the Caribbean movie villains, the Tilda Swinton's White Witch and Telmarine soldier battle armour from The Chronicles of Narnia movies, plus this fantastic creation worn by Susan Surandon as 'Queen Narissa' in Disney's Enchanted movie.

Enchanted Narissa movie costume
One of my favourite sci-fi action movies of all time is Aliens, so it was amazing to see an actual bodysuit on display from James Cameron's 1986 movie.

Alien costume Aliens
The nest stop on my travels in Florida was to Universal Studios. The Hollywood version has a great selection of movie costumes and memorabilia on display, but the bigger theme park in Orlando had an informative and funny live Horror Make-Up show, plus original masks, props and models on display in the theatre foyer.

Universal Horror make-up showUniversal Studios Orlando horror props
In addition to animatronic models from Jurassic Park, a 'Chucky' doll from Child's Play, make-up prosthetics from The Grinch and more, there was also a fantastic exhibit from Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

Hellboy 2 costume and prop display
Back in L.A., after a quiet summer, the movie exhibits around town picked up again.

Step Up 3D movie costumes
Step Up 3D movie costumes
On display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks were these outfits worn by the cast of Step Up 3D.

You Again movie costumes
Later in August they had these costumes worn by Kristen Bell and Betty White in the comedy You Again.

Secretariat movie costume and prop displayOriginal Secretariat movie costumes
Both ArcLight Sherman Oaks and the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood had exhibits for Disney's horse-racing movie Secretariat.

Morning Glory movie costumes
Morning Glory movie costumes

Harry Potter movie costumes
Original Harry Potter movie costumes
Finally, after a long absence, in November ArcLight Hollywood had a wonderful display of original costumes from Harry Potter film to promote The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 movie, including costumes worn by the three young lead actors, plus Dumbledore and Voldemort wizarding robes.

The Chronicles of Narnia:
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie costumes
Narnia Dawn Treader movie costumes
Then for the Thanksgiving weekend ArcLight Hollywood had another four fantastic costume exhibits on offer. There were three original costumes from Narnia's Voyage of the Dawn Treader, plus the boxing outfit worn by Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter.

The Fighter movie costume
Mark Wahlberg The Fighter movie costume
The most fabulous collection of costumes had to be these three outfits worn by Christina Aguilera in Burlesque, her new musical movie with Cher.

Burlesque movie costumes
Burlesque movie costumes
Original Burlesque movie costumes
And finally at ArcLight's Hollywood location there were these costumes worn by Russell Brand and Alfred Molina in the movie The Tempest.

The Tempest movie costumes
The Tempest movie costumes
So as you can see I've been a busy bee, flitting from one costume exhibit to the next, on both coasts of America these past few months.

As always click on the links to see even more great photos of these exhibits and check out even more at my Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props blog.

Come back soon for more behind-the-scenes of Hollywoodland....

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