Friday, December 3, 2010

My Christmas cake takes shape...

Back in the day I used to make around five Christmas cakes to celebrate the festive season, but since moving to L.A. I've not had the time or inclination to bake a cake.
Christmas cake sifting flour
This year to get more in the holiday spirit I decided to reinstate my Christmas tradition, but with one cake rather than five - baby steps, folks.
Christmas cake making
After a tough search to find all my ingredients and a couple of weeks of the fruit soaking up the sherry, it was bake day.
Christmas cake adding fruit
As it's been so long and we've recently moved home, I've managed to misplace not only my recipe, but cooking instructions too, so I was playing it all by ear and being more than a little maverick.
Christmas cake fruit mix
Let's hope the result is as tasty as my previous creations and not some dried out husk of a fruitcake.
Christmas cake oven ready
After many, many hours here's the finished cooked result, which was accompanied by that lovely aroma of baked Christmas spices.
Jason's Christmas fruitcake
Now just to work out how to make some marzipan and icing, as I used to buy the ready rolled variety in the past (I did have five cakes to make after all).

It's beginning to feel a bit more like Christmas...

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