Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New York's costumed Christmas...

What better way to start the countdown to the holidays than with a real mix of Halloween and the Christmas.
Rocking Holiday window display NYC
On my recent trip to New York City I couldn't help but notice this fantastically different festive window display.
NYC Santa suit window display
In think it was in the window of a costume shop along Broadway.
Halloween Christmas window display NYC
They obviously didn't want to let all those Halloween masks and costumes go to waste.
Rocking holiday display New York
Can you believe it's December already and that Christmas clock is ticking down the days?
Skeleton holidays drummerSkeleton NYC costume display
Another window display that made me smile in New York had these baby romper suits with funny slogans.
I only cry when ugly people hold me
I only cry when ugly people hold me, indeed.

Speaking of costumes, come back tomorrow for a round-up of all the movie costumes and props on display around L.A. and beyond these past few months...

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