Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Somewhere over the rainbow in Los Angeles...

After almost a week of non-stop rain and a day of thunder, West Hollywood residents received an early Christmas present in the form of a stunning rainbow this afternoon.
December rainbow Los Angeles 2010
Around 4pm the sun broke through the clouds and we were treated to not one, but a double rainbow, like the last time we had thunderstorms.
Double Rainbow Los Angeles
The colourful arc of light reached up into the Hollywood Hills and looked like it came down somewhere over West Hollywood, or the City of Los Angeles.
Rainbow Hollywood Hills
I wonder who was lucky to find those pots of gold.
Rainbow over Los Angeles Dec 2010
It really was an impressive sight and I wasn't the only one trying to capture its beauty, as all around me people snapped photos with iPhones and cameras alike.
Rainbow West Hollywood Dec10
Off to the west in the other direction it even looked like the sun was going to break through the clouds before it set. Sadly that thought was short-lived as the rain has returned.
Sunny clouds after storm LA
Tomorrow, the weathermen tell us will be better. I'm tired of getting soaked and having wet shoes, so bring on the sunshine.

I'm not so much fussed about a White Christmas, I just want a sunny one...

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cilay said...

stunning indeed! I particularly love the first picture... :)

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