Monday, December 27, 2010

Spreading festive cheer or Santa's little helper...

Is it really all over for another year?
Sleepy festive Labrador
How quickly Christmas Day comes and goes, but all that effort and build up is always worth it for such a fantastic day, especially when you have Santa's little helper to add to the festive joy.
Sleepy Labrador Christmas Day
Wearing his special Santa Hat, we started the day with a walk through our West Hollywood neighbourhood to spread some festive cheer.
Festive Christmas dog walk
There were plenty of smiles and admiring glances to be had as we walked along L.A.'s Sunset Strip on Christmas morning.
Festive pup GuitarTown Sunset Strip 2010
Then it was back home for gift-giving and as always Cooper started the ball rolling with his own stocking full of presents.
Cooper's Christmas stockingPuppy presents
He's obviously been a good boy this year as Santa had left him some toys, treats and a bully-stick to keep him occupied whilst his dads popped open some champagne and had a chance to open our presents.
Cooper Christmas Day 2010
Labrador Cooper enjoys bullystick
Once again Santa was kind and left us both a beautifully wrapped selection of gifts.
Christmas wrapped presents 2010Christmas presents 2010
Wrapped Christmas gifts
Every year we have this present opening ceremony where we take it in turns to open a gift, obviously Cooper is always on hand to lend a tooth or paw.
Unwrapping presents with CooperUnwrapping gifts with Cooper
After all the excitement our two and half year old finally wears himself out, leaving us to finish opening presents and preparing Christmas Dinner.
Santa Hat Labrador Cooper
Sleepy Christmas Labrador
There's nothing quite like a tired puppy (especially looking cute in his Santa Hat).
Santa Hat yellow Labrador
Anyway, here's hoping you had a fabulous day like us and enjoyed good food, great company and cool gifts.
Christmas Day toast 2010
In addition to all the presents, music and decorations, Christmas Dinner is also the most anticipated part of the day.
Christmas Dinner 2010
Mind you all that unwrapping, cooking, eating and drinking can take it out of you.
Feeling stuffed Christmas Day
Festive nap time...

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2.5 ppl and so many presents by the tree ;-) !

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