Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Captivated by London's new Vroom Vroom sculpture...

After a morning at the London Film Museum (which had some interesting costumes and props on display), I decided to wander the streets of London to reacquaint myself with the city's many sights.

Vroom Vroom sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn
Lorenzo Quinn Vroom Vroom sculpture
Not only did I discover the colourful new Jelly Baby Family at Marble Arch, but also this whimsical Vroom Vroom sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn along Park Lane.
Vroom Vroom car and giant hand sculpture
Situated across the road from the entrance to The Dorchester Hotel, it looks like something out of a Monty Python animated sketch.
Vroom Vroom sculpture Dorchester Hotel
It's so captivating, you can't help but take a glut of photos from every angle.
Vroom Vroom sculpture Lorenzo Quinn
Lorenzo Quinn Vroom Vroom sculpture
The intriguing work of art looks like a giant child has reached down to play with his favourite toy car and is pushing it along the road, in fact the oversized aluminium hand is actually modeled after the artist's son.
Lorenzo Quinn Vroom Vroom sculpture
The fantastic public art installation has only recently been installed in Central London, as it's already been on display in Valencia, Spain and Abu Dhabi (so it's lucky I'm in London to see it), and will be visible until April 2011.
Vroom Vroom sculpture Park Lane
The fun sculpture features a black vintage Fiat 500 and was apparently the first car the 44-year old Italian sculptor bought and so symbolises the artist's independence, freedom and personal growth.
Vroom Vroom art installation Park Lane
I think the four-metre high piece is going to be a talking point and a draw for photographers, both local and tourists, for the months to come.
Vroom Vroom Fiat 500 sculpture
I also love the fact the sculpture comes with a bit of tarmac road complete with painted traffic lines.
Vroom Vroom sculpture London
Hmm, I wonder what else around London will amuse me in the coming days before I fly back to L.A...

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Mark said...

Hi Jason

Glad you fun at the museum. I was speaking to you as left but it seems the weather wasn't too good for you in the end.

Have a safe trip back to LA.

London Film Museum

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