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January's coolest billboards around L.A...

Even though there have been very few new movies in 2011 to brag about, January has been a good month for billboards, mainly due to new TV seasons debuting. Here's the best this month had to offer the city skyline of L.A. from the world of television, film, fashion and more.

TV billboards
The Cape NBC billboard
Let's kick off with this dramatic looking billboard for new superhero television show, The Cape, snapped on the side of NBC Studios in Burbank.
Does Ask Does Tell Bill Maher billboard
It was such a fantastic way to end 2010 when President Obama pushed through the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell in the U.S. military and one can't help but hope there'll be a snowball effect for gay rights in the States following this momentous decision. So it's nice to see this very timely HBO billboard for Bill Maher's own unique brand of political satire.
Oprah OWN billboard
Not only is she one of entertainment's most powerful (and richest) women, but now Oprah has her 'OWN' cable channel, funnily enough called the 'Oprah Winfrey Network'. No wonder she's beaming on this billboard on the side of the Andaz Hotel along the Sunset Strip.
Heavy billboard
And Oprah's no stranger to weight issues, so it's only appropriate that we follow with this billboard for A&E's reality weight-loss docudrama, Heavy.
Episodes Showtime TV billboard
Friends star Matt LeBlanc resurfaces in Hollywoodland for this fun billboard for new sitcom Episodes, which really does poke fun at LA-LA land.
Lights Out TV billboard
If boxing and blood aren't your thing, then look away from this billboard for new FX drama Lights Out.
RuPaul's Drag Race season 3 billboard
RuPaul's back and I can't wait for the third season of Drag Race on the Logo channel. The first two seasons were a riot and the guest judges keep getting better and better, so let the high-camp contest begin.
Selling New York season 2 billboard
I'd never heard of Selling New York, then these billboards for the second season start popping up around town and next I'm seeing ads for the show every time I switch on the TV, friends are watching it and everyone seems to be talking about it. Obviously the economy and property market has recovered in New York City (if it ever crashed).
American Idol season 10 billboard
Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez join the judging panel of American Idol for the tenth season of the reality talent show and you have to wonder are people tuning in for the contestants or for the high profile newcomers.
Dumb Cartoon Show billboard
A name like Mongo Wrestling Alliance sounds like just another dumb cartoon show, but with Adult Swim you know there'll be more to this animated show than meets the eye. The billboard does make me laugh though.
Seriously Funny Kids billboard
Heidi Klum shows her funnier side with this billboard for her new Lifetime show, Seriously Funny Kids. Personally I love her blunt Germanic comments on Project Runway, they always make me laugh.
Spartacus Gods of the Arena billboard
I love this billboard for Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, it's a such a bright highlight and eye-catching visual for the start of the year.
Southland season 3 TV billboard
Another favourite this month is this third season billboard for gritty L.A. based cop drama Southland, its nighttime cityscape of the City of Angels reminds me how great this sprawling city looks when then the sun goes down. And in front of this billboard is the Kiss Guitar from Sunset Strip's GuitarTown public art installation.
Off The Map TV billboard
If you're a fan of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, you'll probably like this new medical drama from the show's creators, Off The Map. If you ask me though, they are trying too hard to evoke LOST's Sawyer with this visual for my liking.
Hot in Cleveland season 2 billboard
Betty White and co. return for another season of Hot in Cleveland and they look like they are pleased to be back in this second season billboard.
Fairly Legal TV billboard
Billboards for new show, Fairy Legal, seem to have dominated L.A.'s skyline this month.
Skins US version billboard
There's a slew of U.S. remakes of British series debuting this month, from Skins on MTV to Shameless on Showtime, not to mention Being Human on Syfy.
Shameless remake billboard
You have to admit this version of Shameless looks like it's been given a glamourous Hollywood makeover compared to the gritty and grubby original Channel 4 series set on a Manchester council estate.
Big Love season 5 billboard
Both Shameless and the fifth and final season billboard for Big Love can currently be found on the 9000 building along the Sunset Strip, one facing east and one facing west.

Movie billboards
The Rite movie billboard
January is never the best month for movies and that's probably why there are not that many great billboards for new films lining the skies, but I do like this spooky creative for Anthony Hopkins new exorcism movie The Rite (obviously it helps to have played Hannibal Lecter to immediately evoke horror connotations with those eyes).
No Strings Attached movie billboard
After the unsettling Black Swan, No Strings Attached must be the perfect antidote for Natalie Portman, whilst Ashton Kutcher sticks to his usual romantic comedy territory.
Green Hornet logo billboardGreen Hornet billboard by night
The Green Hornet movie was a fun action romp and i loved the marketing campaign for the film which featured glow in the dark logos and headlights that actually lit up at night on the billboard along the Sunset Strip.
Just Go With It movie billboard
Ah, Jennifer Aniston, will you ever stop doing romantic comedies? You were really good in The Good Girl, so why not try flexing your acting muscles again and surprise us with an action, sci-fi or period movie. In the meantime enjoy the billboard for her latest movie with Adam Sandler, Just Go With It.
Gnomeo and Juliet movie billboard
Finally for movies, is this funny and giant billboard for new animated feature Gnomeo & Juliet. It really does make a great visual impact along Sunset Plaza.

Fashion billboards
Prada Resort 2011 billboard
I love this new season billboard for Prada (which steals one of Armani's usual spots), it's bold and colourful and totally fashion darling.
Emporio Armani Spring 2011 billboard
I also loved this new Emporio Armani billboard which seemed to be breathing new life into and letting the sun shine on a brand new fashion season.

Music billboards
Michael Jackson music billboard
He may be gone, but he's not forgotten and this billboard for Michael Jackson's posthumous album is still around in the new year.

Technology billboards
Verizon 4G billboard
I love these bright new billboards for Verizon's 4G service, they are so vibrant and colourful it helps you forget they are for a dull telecommunications brand.

If you loved the creatives above, be sure you also check out the inaugural BABs (Best Advertising Billboard Awards) from 2010 at my other blog Daily Billboard.

I'll see you for another round-up next month...

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