Friday, January 7, 2011

New costumes and props at Universal Studios Hollywood...

Today I made use of my annual pass to Universal Studios Hollywood and enjoyed my first visit of the year to their fantastic movie costume and prop exhibit.
Original Mummy 3 movie costumes
The permanent attraction houses a great selection of original outfits, masks, models and memorabilia from new and classic films and television shows, and changes on a regular basis.
Universal Studios costume exhibit
They've refreshed the exhibit from my last visit and currently have displays from The Mummy 3, Meryl Streep's comedy It's Complicated, The Wolfman and Land of the Lost movie remakes, The Grinch, Battlestar Galactica and even Twiki's helmet from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (a childhood sci-fi favourite of mine).
NBC Universal TV and film costume exhibit
Be sure to check out my other blog, Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props, for more details and photos of the authentic costumes and props available for visitors to see.

I can't wait to see what other behind-the-scenes secrets I can track down this year...

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