Monday, February 28, 2011

83rd Annual Academy Awards winners (or who took home the Oscars)...

So after a fairly mediocre year in film, where studios seemingly kept their best until last, Hollywood's most prestigious event is once again over, but who took home the Oscars you ask.
Giant gold Oscar Statue
The 83rd Annual Academy Awards Ceremony was a bit of a mixed bag this year. Recipient speeches were a bit lackluster, Anne Hathaway was wonderful, but James Franco a little stiff as the youngest Oscar hosts in history and even the dresses on the red carpet were a little underwhelming.
83rd Annual Academy Awards
Luckily the sun came out in L.A. (unlike last year), the show didn't seem to run overlong and best of all, it appeared that the most deserving films and actors won the coveted Oscars.

The King's Speech movie billboard
Arriving at the Oscars with 12 nominations, The King's Speech was deservingly crowned winner of four of the best Academy Awards, Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director and Original Screenplay.

Hoorah for Colin Firth, but it's such a shame that Geoffrey Rush couldn't make it a double acting Oscar victory for his equally amazing performance.

Jenny Beavan was also nominated this year for Costume Design, be sure to check out her original costumes from The King's Speech.

Inception Oscar movie billboard
Another big winner on the evening was Inception, which has been mostly overlooked this award season, and the mind-bending sci-fi thriller took home four Oscars, for Cinematography, Visual Effects, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing.

If you love the movie, be sure to check out these original props and costumes from Inception.

The Social network movie billboard
Next up the Facebook movie sensation, The Social Network took home three Oscars for Film Editing, Original Score and Adapted Screenplay, all well deserved in each category.

Colleen Atwood Alice in Wonderland movie dresses
Disney and Tim Burton's live-action Alice in Wonderland nabbed two Academy Awards, one for Art Direction and the other for Costume Design for Colleen Atwood (who also previously won for Memoirs of a Geisha and Chicago).

Black Swan UK tube poster
Congratulations to Natalie Portman for winning the Best Leading Actress award, it's well deserved and I would have been equally happy for her or Annette Bening to have won.

The Fighter movie costume display
It's was a double-whammy for boxing drama The Fighter last night, with both supporting Oscars going to the same film. Melissa Leo and Christian Bale were phenomenal and unrecognisable in the movie, so it's no real surprise.

Woody Toy Story 3 billboard
Toy Story 3, the highest-grossing animated movie of all time, took home the esteemed animated feature prize and Randy Newman won his second Oscar for original song after his previous success with Monsters, Inc.

Animatronic werewolf The Wolfman movie
Rick Baker and Dave Elsey won the Oscar for Best Make-Up for their work on The Wolfman remake.

if you're a fan of special effects, check out more of their werewolf make-up and prosthetics from The Wolfman.
83rd Oscar statue
And for the remaining categories, In a Better World took home the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, The Lost Thing won Best Animated Short, God of Love won Best Live Action Short Film, Inside Job took the award for Best Documentary and Strangers No More for Best Documentary Short.
83rd Oscars Hollywood Boulevard
Once again I enjoyed watching the awards ceremony and the only disappointment seemed to be on the red carpet beforehand, where for all those celebrities only a handful were interviewed or a small number of frocks highlighted. Do better next year ABC.
83rd Oscars Hollywood
Here's to a fantastic year in film for 2011...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cool film, TV and fashion billboards around L.A. in February 2011...

February really offered up a veritable cornucopia of billboards around Los Angeles, from new movies and television seasons, to music, fashion and lifestyle ads to fill the city skyline to bursting.

Sunset Strip billboards February 2011
Sunset Strip billboards Feb 2011
Here's a selection of the best and brightest billboard creatives this month had to offer.

Movie billboards
Oscar 2011 billboard
There doesn't seem like a more appropriate way to kick off the movie round-up this month than a billboard for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. After a steady stream of industry awards, The Golden Globes, SAGs and BAFTAs, it's nice to see that the Oscar hasn't lost any of its iconic luster.
Inception Oscar billboard
In the run up to the auspicious awards ceremony it's nice to see some tailored Oscar-nominee billboards boasting their credentials, like this creative for Inception, which has been mostly overshadowed by the strong movies that opened at the end of 2010 like The King's Speech and Black Swan. I do like how the spinning top is front and centre of this billboard, considering the whole ending and reality of the movie is based on whether Cobb's totem falls or continues spinning at the end of the mind-boggling film.
Battle LA film billboard
Next up the stakes are even higher than the battle for the golden statues, with Battle: Los Angeles, which really looks like it's going to be a breathtaking insight into what an alien invasion on Earth may actually feel like from the ground level. The idea of L.A. being obliterated when you're living here also makes me feel kind of weird, yet oddly excited too.
Unknown movie billboard
Next up, Liam Neeson battles to reclaim his life in this billboard for the thriller, Unknown.
Valentine's Day Hop billboard
On a lighter note, we got another cute teaser billboard for the forthcoming computer-animated and live-action movie, Hop, wishing us all a Happy Valentine's Day.
Sucker Punch film billboard
At Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, another billboard really stood out, this time for the fantasy-action movie Sucker Punch. This movie looks like it's going to be a fun romp and why wouldn't it be when it boasts dragons, robot-machines, samurai sword wielding school girls and the like on its billboard.
Red Riding Hood billboardRed Riding Hood film billboard
Amanda Seyfried is the far from 'little' girl in these atmospheric Red Riding Hood movie billboards. I'm intrigued by this adaptation of the classic fairytale, especially as it's from the director of Twilight, who's no stranger to supernatural creatures.
Rio movie billboardRio film billboard
Next up are two colourful billboards for DreamWorks new animated movie, Rio, which looks from the trailer and these creatives to be great fun.
Rango movie billboard
Film studios must think alike as here's another animated offering, this time not a blue macaw, but a chameleon (voiced by Johnny Depp), also with a title starting with 'R', this time Rango.
Adjustment Bureau film billboardThe Adjustment Bureau Fate billboard
Finally for movies, is this intriguing campaign for Matt Damon and Emily Blunt's new sci-fi thriller, The Adjustment Bureau. I know it may look a bit of an odd design to cover up your leading stars faces, but I have to say I like this approach and I think these grey billboards really stand out against the California blue sky.
The Adjustment Bureau billboard
Adjustment Bureau Fate billboard

TV billboards
The Sunset Limited billboard
It's always fun to see two powerhouses like Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones looming large over the Sunset Strip and this simple black and white billboard really stands out for The Sunset Limited.
Catch VD Vampire Diaries billboard
The Vampire Diaries tries to be all provocative with its 'Catch VD' billboard, but unfortunately it could be misinterpreted as a campaign for sexually transmitted diseases.
The Chicago Code billboard
The Chicago Code is the newest cop show on the block. You have to wonder how many more of these shows TV audiences can take. I suppose only time and ratings will tell.
Shedding for the Wedding TV billboard
Following in the same vein as The Biggest Loser, new reality weight loss show, Shedding for the Wedding has this fun billboard along Hollywood Boulevard.
One Born Every Minute billboard
Another hilarious reality TV billboard is this ad for One Born Every Minute, about the experiences of a maternity ward. The strapline 'Stop telling me to breathe!' is just priceless and made me laugh.
Justified season 2 billboard
This dramatic mono billboard for the second season of Justified stands out along Sunset Plaza.
Ellen Show billboard
And to finish off this month's TV billboards is this fun Ellen show creative over at Warner Bros. Studios. You have to admire this lady for being a successful openly gay woman on network TV, especially after her sitcom was unceremoniously dumped by ABC years ago after she came out.

Fashion billboards
Aldo Shoes billboard
I love this vibrant billboard for Aldo Shoes, which is colourful and cheeky, but still manages to keep the shoes the stars of the billboard.
Sexy Buffalo Jeans model billboard
This Buffalo Jeans model goes topless, although in a tasteful way, to grab attention at the intersection of La Cienega and Beverly Boulevard.
Banana Republic fashion 2011 billboard
Meanwhile I'm liking the new season campaign for Banana Republic which feels very fresh and springlike and has several creatives around L.A. at the moment.
Joe's Jeans kids billboard
Whilst I'm not a huge fan of small children, this billboard for Joe's Jeans Kidswear is a lot of fun.
Emporio Armani Feb 2011 billboard
Finally for fashion, here's a splash of colour from Emporio Armani to brighten Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.

Comic Book billboards
Painman comic billboardPainman billboard
Who is Painman you ask? He's the new superhero on the block, not in print but online in the form of a motion comic book. It's unusual to see billboards for comics, unless they are for movies and there's a whole raft of those coming this Summer from Thor to Green Lantern, Captain America and X-Men: First Class.

Music billboards
Lady Gaga billboard WEHO
Lady Gaga is back (did she ever go away), with a new song and a new billboard for her forthcoming album Born This Way. You can imagine the squeals of delight when this billboard went up in West Hollywood along Santa Monica Boulevard.
53rd Grammys billboard2011 Grammy nominees album billboard
Ans speaking of Gaga, she made quite an entrance to this year's Grammy Awards, in an egg no less, and here are some of the billboards around town for the 53rd awards show and the nominee album.
Marco Bosco music billboard
Finally for music, here's a rather buff billboard for Marco Bosco. I'd never heard of him before seeing this and other billboards along Sunset Boulevard, but if his songs are as fantastic as his ripped body then I'm sure he's very talented.

Radio billboards
KFIAM yesterday's news radio billboard
Radio billboards usually look a bit cheap and tacky (at least here in L.A.), so it's great to see KFIAM-640, the talk radio station, trying something different, distinctive and witty to attract listeners.

Health and Fitness billboards
Updog yoga cycling billboardUpdog yoga fitness billboard
From Marco Bosco's perfectly toned body to this billboard for Updog yoga and cycling centre with another healthy specimen appealing to all those gym bunnies in the heart of West Hollywood.

Drinks billboards
Seattle's best coffee billboard
I like this different take on coffee for Seattle's Best Coffee, but I'm surprised not one of these cups on the billboard is filled with any of the hot caffeinated drink.
California milk billboard
Got milk? It's nice to know that 99% of California dairies are family owned.

Performing Arts billboards
Cavalia horse show billboard
From cows to horses, this billboard for the horse show Cavalia has been gracing the skies of L.A. for the last few months. I do wonder how many times Larry King has said its 'the greatest show' he's ever seen though.

Car billboards
Fiat 500 surprise car billboard
I think this may be one of the only car billboards I've ever featured here, mainly because most creatives are very boring and just show a picture of the vehicle in question. At least this Fiat 500 knows not to take itself too seriously and have a bit of fun with its advertising.

These small cars seem to be having a bit of a resurgence at the moment, like the Mini Cooper a few years ago. Check out this fantastic Vroom Vroom sculpture featuring a classic Fiat 500 and a giant hand, from my recent travels in London.

And that's it for our round-up this month, be sure to check out more new billboards every day at Daily Billboard...

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