Saturday, February 26, 2011

23 miles in the bag...

I did it. My last big training run before the L.A. Marathon on March 20 is complete. 23 miles in the bag in under four hours.

Jason at 6am in Griffith Park
Jason at 6am marathon training
And you know what? I don't feel half bad at all and felt like I had another 3.2 miles left in me (which is a good thing as I'll be running 26.2 miles in 22 days time).
45F degree temperature
So after a week without alcohol, it was up bright and early at 4.45am to get to Griffith Park for a 6am start in the freezing cold (45°F or 7°C).
Marathon training warmup
Luckily the rain had abated, much to all the runners relief and so we started with our usual pre-race warmup.
APLA marathon training
Knowing that we're running for such a worthy cause as AIDS Project Los Angeles makes the cold early starts and aching muscles all the more bearable and I thank all my friends, family and supporters who have generously donated to my fundraising efforts.
LA Marathon training 23 miles finish
I've now raised over $2,500 for the charity and hope to get as much money as possible to make running the 26.2 miles as worthwhile as possible.

Jason celebrates 23 miles in the bag
Just after 23 miles
Today's training went well and I felt stronger than the 20 mile run when I felt jet-lagged and had really sore joints for the final excruciating miles.

'IT Band of Merry Men' Team To End AIDS heroes
APLA Marathon T2 heroes
These training runs are made all the more fun because of a great bunch of people, from my fellow IT Band of Merry Men (and Women), to all the people who turn out to help man refreshment stands with food and water at crucial points in the course.
Jason after 23 miles marathon training
It was amazing to run in sunshine rather than freezing rain and made my ice-bath after the 23 miles all the more tolerable.
Super ice
This time I was prepared with a big bag of ice, although I sensed Charlie had a little too much satisfaction helping add it to the bath.
Ice bath after 23 miles
There was also a comment about my not staying in the ice-bath for that long either, but would you really want to? I think I was in there more than a sufficient amount of time.
Ice bath after run
Our Labrador Cooper was far too fascinated with all the ice cubes floating in the water (which he received as treats as a pup), to care about his poor shivering dad.
Post run ice bath legs
Let's hope my legs recover by tomorrow and that the L.A. Marathon is on such a nice day and goes as well as this practice run.

I'll keep running if you keep donating...

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