Friday, February 25, 2011

How much is that mansion on the hill...?

For three years there's been one constant in my life, an almost daily walk around Runyon Canyon with my Labrador Cooper and a view of the abandoned mansion that sits atop the hill overlooking L.A.
Abandoned Runyon Canyon mansion
It's been the topic of many a morning gossip with wild rumours amongst fellow dog walkers of the owners running out of funds, earthquake damage, and more sensational stories like dead bodies under all that concrete.
Empty Runyon Canyon mansion
Who knows what the real story is behind the enormous mansion, which The New York Times claims is on the market for a mere $15.2 million.

What everyone can agree on is what a waste it is for the building to remain empty and again ideas for dog boarding kennels (with luxury swimming pool), homeless shelters and for it just to be knocked down abound regularly.
Abandoned mansion Runyon Canyon
If you do have a few spare million dollars I know a lot of people who'd be pleased to see the mansion occupied and renovated, plus you'll have spectacular views, famous neighbours like the Getty's and lots of hikers and their dogs to say hello to on a daily basis.

I suppose I better start saving my pennies now...


Anonymous said...

I have always wondered that too!! I actually cannot believe it, such a beautiful building too! We must solve this mystery!

WolfBoy said...

Can I use this image?

Jason in Hollywood said...

Where and how do you want to use it? If for commercial purposes there'll be an image usage fee

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