Friday, February 18, 2011

I am Number Four is a score not a bore...

If you're looking for a good movie to see this weekend I can highly recommend I Am Number Four. It has aliens, shapeshifters, laser beams and lots of action, what more could you ask for in an escapist movie.
I Am Number Four poster
If you like sci-fi and superheroes you'll probably like this film too. It's almost like a male version of Twilight, with a dash of romance, some eye candy in the shape of Alex Pettyfer (who finds himself shirtless quite often), the Glee appeal in Dianna Agron and some cool special effects to keep the boys happy.

Nine fugitive aliens (that look like us) hide separately on Earth around the globe accompanied by guardians from their home planet. They have special powers that when combined were prophesized to help save their people and world from the evil Mogadorians. Unfortunately that didn't happen and now these surviving children are being hunted down and killed.

In fact the action begins right away and Number Three is killed (turning to ash, so not too messy), within minutes of the start of the movie.

After having his secret identity exposed, Number Four (who's next on the hit list) has to move on with his guardian and they end up in Paradise Falls, Ohio, where he falls in love with an amateur photographer school girl, played by Dianna Agron.

From there the drama gets a bit soap opera, as aside from being pursued by murderous aliens, Number Four has to contend with high school bullying and jealous ex-boyfriends.
I Am Number Four movie poster
There's nothing groundbreaking about the movie, it can be a bit predictable at times, but it's a fun, likable action romp.

The special effects and manifestations of Number Four's superpowers look cool and my only criticism would be the ease with which he masters these new burgeoning powers. I prefer my heroes to earn the control of their abilities, maybe it's just growing up having seen Luke Skywalker train with Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back, that makes you expect more.

This is obviously intended to be the start of a new franchise, so I'm interested to see how this movie is embraced at the box office, as there hasn't seemed to be that much in the way of promotion for the film.

I certainly wouldn't mind seeing more of Number Four's adventures and I think the film is worth four **** stars just for sheer entertainment value.

Luckily I Am Number Four is not a snore...

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