Friday, February 11, 2011

London Underground posters that caught my eye...

After a week of jet-lag seriously impairing my cognitive functions, I've finally gotten around to sifting through all my photos from our recent visit to the U.K. and here are just some of my favourite posters from the London Undergound that made me smile whilst I was hopping on and off the tube.
C-3PO Star Wars Currys PC World tube poster
First up is this fun poster for Currys and PC World Megastore featuring none other than the fussy golden droid C-3PO from Star Wars.

Whilst it's a fun creative I can't help but think George Lucas and 20th Century Fox Studios have sold out their brand to hawk electricals like washing machines, frankly it seems a bit demeaning for such an iconic sci-fi character.
Nessun Dorma Lavazza posterO Sole Mio Lavazza tube poster
Next up are two fun tube posters for Lavazza coffee, which try and highlight their Italian heritage in a colourful, fun and quirky way. As I recall their ad campaigns have always been highly creative and slightly tongue-in-cheek.
Canary Islands polar bear tube poster
This Underground poster promoting the Canary Islands made me smile, mostly because it evoked memories of the TV show LOST with that cuddly looking polar bear. I'm not really sure if this holiday destination really wants to be reminding potential travelers about the perils of airplane crashes, smoke monsters and animal experimentation though.
Never Let Me Go posterAnd finally it was great seeing this poster for Never Let Me Go which reaches U.K. shores today. I saw this endearing love story, with a sci-fi twist, here in L.A. in October and loved its British sensibilities and wonderful performances by Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield.

Daily Underground Poster, now there's a good idea for a blog...

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