Friday, February 4, 2011

Priscilla Queen of the Desert is my kinda show ...

Priscilla Queen of the Desert The Musical was the perfect upbeat way to end my most recent visit to London.
Priscilla Musical Palace Theatre London
Based on one of my all time favourite movies, it has the same elaborate costumes, wonderful disco tunes, a great cast, gorgeous dancers, amazing sets and truly is a fantastic spectacle.
Priscilla Queen of the Desert Musical
It's funny that the super-camp show has found a home for its queens at London's 'Palace' Theatre, Cambridge Circus.
Priscilla Musical Palace Theatre
The show has been running for a while now, but even on a mid-week Wednesday evening the theatre was a packed house and the audience lapped up the colourful costumes, lewd language and casts high camp antics.
Priscilla Queen of the Desert Musical London cast
I very quickly developed a new 'man crush' on ex-The Bill and Footballers Wives star, Ben Richards. Not only is he very pleasing on the eye, but also brought 'Tick/Mitzi' to life very believably.

Oliver Thornton, who plays 'Adam/Felicia', is also well cast and fills the muscular drag queen role made famous by Guy Pearce with relish.
Priscilla Musical tube poster
The three disco divas who provide the majority of the show's best vocals, whilst suspended in mid-air, have fantastic voices and it's a really clever way to have all the female led vocal tunes in the musical, where in original movie the cast lip-synced their way through songs.
Priscilla Queen of the Desert Musical cast
Even though this 'Bernadette' grew on me during the show (Terence Stamp's outstanding cinematic performance are big shoes to fill), I did think it was the weakest link, although I'm wondering whether it was the understudy that I saw. He just didn't seem to have the stage presence to really own the stage as the aging transexual.
Priscilla Musical poster
It was also a treat to see 'Alf Stewart' from Aussie soap Home and Away (actor Ray Meagher) as Bernadette's love interest, 'Bob'.
Priscilla Queen of the Desert Musical
A major change from the movie was that ABBA songs were replaced by Kylie hits (obviously not to compete with Mamma Mia in the West End), but nothing is lost and it just adds to the relevancy of the musical for a younger crowd.
Priscilla Musical songs
I'm not sure all the audience really got all the themes of this musical, of tolerance, acceptance and being who you are, but let's hope as well as being entertained by the story of two drag queens and a former 'Les Girl' transexual traveling across the Australian Outback, they also saw it's not all sequins and pink feather boas being gay.
Priscilla Musical winner poster
I can't wait until Priscilla make its way to Broadway, as I think it'll be an even bigger extravaganza
Priscilla Musical Palace Theatre London
I loved Priscilla Queen of the Desert The Musical, long may she reign in London's West End...

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