Monday, February 14, 2011

A special West Hollywood Valentine...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.
Love Labradors
Here's a very special Valentine from Cooper to all his admirers on this special day for love.
Red glitterball heart
This wonderful red glitterball heart can currently be found outside the Pleasure Chest adult store along Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood.
Pleasure Chest mosaic heart
When I saw this giant disco heart I couldn't help but pull over with Cooper and take a few photos.
Red disco heart West Hollywood
I'm sure it's only a temporary addition to West Hollywood's landscape, but it's so dazzling in the California sunshine it's a shame it can't stay there all year long.
West Hollywood heart
Enjoy yourself whatever you get up to today with your loved ones, but remember as RuPaul would say "If you can't love yourself, then how the hell are you going to love someone else?"

Much love...


Barbara said...

Man, Cooper's gotten big!

Jason in Hollywood said...

Indeed, 81lbs at last vet visit -but big dog, big heart :)

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