Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When is a red building, not a red building...?

So when is a red building, not a red building you ask, why when it's being built of course.
Red Pacific Design Center build
Following in the footsteps of the architecturally impressive 'Center Green' and 'Center Blue' buildings that already make up West Hollywood's Pacific Design Center, a third 'Center Red' building is under construction.

Center Green
Pacific Design Center West HollywoodCenter Green Pacific Design Center
Announced in April 2006 the new structure is due to be completed some time in 2011 (how exciting), and I couldn't help but get some photos of the project before it's finished and clad in its red glass exterior.

Center Blue is also referred to as 'The Blue Whale'
Center Blue Pacific Design CenterCenter Blue Pacific Design Center
The new building design looks pretty amazing to the casual observer and I'm sure it'll look spectacular in full colour upon completion.

Center Red under construction
Center Red Pacific Design Center glass exterior
Center Red PDC under construction
I'm looking forward to seeing this new red marvel take to the skies of West Hollywood and the neighbourhood not being dominated by cranes, as they have the past few years.
Red Pacific Design Center constructionCenter Red PDC being built
Center Red will be a welcome addition to West Hollywood and will be a great sight when viewed from all over (even visible from Runyon Canyon and the surrounding Hollywood Hills).

I can't wait to see red...

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