Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau needs some reworking...

I regularly bemoan the fact that films don't embrace their sci-fi and fantasy credentials, even when they clearly belong in this genre, but with the case of The Adjustment Bureau, this really is the romantic love story that the marketing and PR people would have you believe it is.

In fact the fantasy is so watered down, that the end result is a bit of a bland, plodding and unextraordinary 106 minutes.
The Adjustment Bureau poster
That's not to say Matt Damon and Emily Blunt's new movie isn't watchable, it just doesn't have much to add beyond the basic premise that an 'Adjustment Bureau' of angels exist to keep people's lives on track according to the 'Plan' that the 'Director' upstairs has for them.

They manipulate events and so when someone falls in love with someone they shouldn't, as is the case here with Damon's senatorial candidate and blunt's dancer, they try and correct their future.
The Adjustment Bureau movie billboard
The whole affair feels more like a pilot for a TV show, or an episode of The Twilight Zone, maybe the presence of Mad Men's John Slattery as one of the bureau's men doesn't help with that perception, rather than a big scale blockbuster movie.

Also there's something startlingly familiar about the hat wearing bureau employees. Does anyone watch the excellent Fringe and notice a striking resemblance to the 'Observers'? And that's a weekly television show, so it's not like this movie is breaking any new ground here.

Don't even get me started on the movie's ending which really is more of a fizzle than a bang.
The Adjustment Bureau movie poster
Like I said it's an entertaining movie, a little slow at times, but with not much meat on its bones. If you're a sci-fi fan you'll probably find it a bit one dimensional offering nothing new that hasn't been covered by the likes of genre TV, and better, but considering there's not much else to watch at the cinemas at the moment it's a nice and simple momentary diversion.

I give The Adjustment Bureau three *** stars and think this is one movie that would be fun to see reworked into some kind of episodic television show.

Let's hope March's other genre movies like Battle: LA and Red Riding Hood don't disappoint...

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