Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Desire, Obtain, Cherish an Oscar...

Around this time of year when Hollywood is holding its prestigious Annual Academy Awards, there's always someone who likes to take the iconic Oscar image and turn it on its head, so you think differently about it.
Desire Obtain Cherish Oscars
Last year it was Brit artist D*Face who provided an alternative Oscar statue, possibly questioning Hollywood's unhealthy obsession with beauty.

This year I spied these three Oscar statue posters on an unused billboard along Beverly Boulevard, with the intriguing words - Desire. Obtain. Cherish.
Alternative Oscar D*Face 2010
As to the meaning of this work or who the artist is, I have no clue, but they obviously have something to say. Do they have something to do with greed?

If anyone knows anything about this trio of statues I'd be keen to know more.
Desire Obtain Cherish Oscar posters
I know for a fact I would love an Oscar of my own, although I'm not quite sure how I'd ever obtain one. However I do know I would love it if I ever had the good fortune to earn the coveted golden statue.

Maybe one day...

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