Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hollywood's Frank Sinatra wall mural homage...

Oscar time is one of the only times I really head into the heart of Hollywood, as usually I prefer to avoid the hordes of tourists converging along the Walk of Fame. After my 23 mile training run on Saturday I was driving past and couldn't resist stopping to take a few pictures of the Oscar red carpet arrival set-up along Hollywood Boulevard.
Frank Sinatra mural Los Angeles
I managed to find a parking space along North Las Palmas Avenue, just off Hollywood Boulevard, and found this cool Frank Sinatra tribute wall mural that I thought was worth sharing.

Funnily enough, around the same time last year whilst checking out the set-up for the 2010 Academy Awards (in the rain), I found a similar Nancy Sinatra wall mural.
Frank Sinatra mural Hollywood
What a funny coincidence I thought. I really must explore Hollywood a bit more and keep my eyes open, as you never know what I'll discover next...

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