Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Labrador a day keeps the doctor away...

There's nothing like watching a Labrador at play to lift your spirits, whether he's chasing tennis balls or frolicking with his doggie pals.
Cooper chasing balls
I may be biased, but Labradors really are the best dogs in the world.
Labrador Cooper playing
Their faces are just so expressive and they have heaps of personality (along with that never-ending supply of puppy energy no matter their age).
Lake Hollywood Park
Our boy, Cooper, also gets us out and about, from a park near Lake Hollywood in the shadow of the Hollywood Sign, to walks at Runyon Canyon and Palisades Park in Santa Monica, to keep both him and us mentally and physically active.
Jason and Labrador Cooper in Hollywood
It's been a while since he's been in the spotlight here at Jason in Hollywood, so here's a few photos of Cooper's recent exploits for all his admirers.
Runyon Canyon Labradors
It's amazing how that cheeky smile can get him anything he wants, from lots of treats to hours of playing with toys.
Runyon Canyon Labradors
You even brush yourself off and quickly forgive when his 80lb frame knocks you flat on your backside, blood and bruises aside (hmm, maybe a Labrador should come with a mild health warning after all).
Runyon Canyon Labradors
Luckily when we're out, his friends keep him occupied and help lead to a sleepy puppy on our return.
Sleepy labrador
There's really nothing cuter than a sleeping (and snoring) Labrador...

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