Monday, March 7, 2011

Lady Gaga's sending out an SOS from West Hollywood...

Lady Gaga's egg has landed and this time it's not at the Grammy's but on a rooftop in West Hollywood.
Gaga rooftop SOS West Hollywood
She's obviously not content with towering over Santa Monica Boulevard with a Gaga billboard for her forthcoming album, but with the help of ChadMichael Morissette and Mito Aviles (fans no doubt), she's spreading her message of equality and acceptance at being born the way she is (and we all are).
Gaga billboard Santa Monica Blvd
These guys always create thought provoking rooftop displays, be it from pop culture sources like theirKylie Minogue rooftop homage, or with a more biting political message like a Halloween dig at the Pope, boycotting Target for their anti-gay activities or championing same sex marriage and equality.
Lady Gaga rooftop West Hollywood
It's been a while since we've seen a new creation, so this is a welcome addition to Fountain Avenue to brighten up the start of March.
Lady Gaga roof SOS West Hollywood
Let's hope this Lady Gaga gets her S.O.S. answered and the Fame Monster herself pops around for a cuppa...

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