Friday, April 1, 2011

Cooper's playtime at Huntington Dog Beach...

There's no better way to end a month of temperamental weather than a day at the beach and some much needed Cooper playtime.
Yellow Labrador Cooper Huntington Beach
For a change of pace from his weekday Runyon Canyon walks, we decided to jump in the car and drive to Huntington Dog Beach and a have a morning of chasing balls, frisbees and even surfers along the sandy shore.

Racing the surfers
Surfer and Labrador Huntington BeachLabrador and surfer Huntington Beach id=Labrador and surfer Huntington Dog BeachThe morning started a bit overcast at the coast, but soon brightened up. Frankly Cooper didn't care, as soon as he smelt that ocean air he was literally hanging out of the car window waiting to play on the beach

Chasing frisbees at Huntington Dog Beach
Frisbee Labrador Huntington Beach
Labrador chasing frisbee Huntington Beach
Labrador frisbee Huntington Beach
More and more his true water retriever credentials are kicking in and he was desperate to be in the ocean, rather than simply chasing balls up and down the shore.

Fetching tennis balls
Ocean loving Labrador Huntington BeachYellow Labrador Huntington Dog Beach
Luckily Spring Break hasn't kicked in for everyone, so the beach whilst busy, wasn't as packed as I'm sure it'll be in the coming weeks.
Yellow Labrador Huntington BeachHuntington Dog Beach
Not that Cooper noticed his fellow beach users, he only had eyes for his tennis balls and toys.
Labrador shaking Huntington Beach
As ever, a morning at the beach means a very satisfied and tired pup, so it's win-win all around.

Long may the good weather last...

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