Saturday, April 16, 2011

Getting redder every day...

No, not my pale British skin in this scorching Californian sunshine, but the new red addition to West Hollywood's Pacific Design Center.

Center Red takes shape
Pacific Design Center San Vicente
Center Red certainly is shooting up, look away and it feels like a new level gets added whilst you blink.

Center Red under construction April 2011
Red build Pacific Design CenterPacific Design Center Red build
The bare bones of the new building looked fairly spectacular, but it looks like the design will look even more impressive totally clad in red glass.
Red Pacific Design CenterPacific Design Center Red
The new red exterior really is shooting up and you can only imagine what it'll look like in a month's time.
Pacific Design Center new build 2011Another addition in recent weeks have been the fully functioning central fountains which look fantastic and certainly catch the eye of our Labrador, Cooper, as we've been walking by.

Pacific Design Center central fountains
Pacific Design Center fountainsPacific Design Center WeHo
I'm looking forward to seeing the finished result all buffed and gleaming...

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