Monday, April 4, 2011

Source Code entertains, but is all too easily deciphered...

Source Code though entertaining is a bit predictable (especially the ending) and unfortunately you easily guess who the bomber in the movie is, as it's so obviously telegraphed from the start that it looses any real intrigue.
Source Code billboard
What is great about the movie though, is the acting and the directing. Although it's repetitive, a bit like Groundhog Day with less comedy and more explosions, it doesn't feel boring and each time Jake Gyllenhaal is sent back to relive the same eights minutes of memory there's always enough of a difference to keep you engaged. Luckily at 94 minutes the film is nice and short too.

You can tell that it's the same director from Moon (Duncan Jones), as that sci-fi movie was a great character study as well and also tackled an ethical dilemma, there cloning versus Source Code's use of near brain-dead soldier for an experimental threat prevention tool.
Source Code movie poster
Sadly there's not really enough action in the movie and as Gyllenhaal's character is reliving memories rather than time-traveling, there's no real way to save any of the lives lost. So at times there feels like there's nothing at stake, or that those people killed on the train are disposable, whilst the threat of a second terrorist dirty bomb in Chicago never seems quite real or credible enough.

Michelle Monaghan makes for a likable love interest on the doomed train and Vera Farmiga a believable 'Captain Goodwin' at the Source Code facility who has the ultimate ethical decision to make.
Source Code movie billboard
It really only is in the latter half of the movie where I started to groan a bit. The 'villain' really isn't that menacing or a good actor for that matter, sadly the movie ends with a tad too much of a Hollywood 'happily-ever-after' and even the saw-it-coming-so-early-on final twist wasn't strong enough to give the film a satisfying resolution.

I give Source Code three *** stars. It's more of a thriller along the lines of Eagle Eye, than hard core sci-fi movie, but it's still highly watchable, although due to its repetitive nature I won't be rushing to see it again on DVD.

Next on my must-see list is the thriller Hanna, about a teenage girl assassin, so let's hope that doesn't disappoint...

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