Sunday, April 17, 2011

This Arthur ends up on the rocks...

Oh Hollywood, why do you keep shooting yourself in the foot this way, why can't you leave well enough alone. Of course I'm referring to the latest movie remake, this time a new version of Arthur, originally made famous by Dudley Moore in 1981. Russell Brand won me over with his signature over-the-top performance in Get Him To The Greek and I love both Helen Mirren and Jennifer Garner, so that's why I thought I'd give the new film a try.
Arthur 2011 film poster
Even though it's watchable I didn't think this Arthur had the heart and soul of a great romantic comedy. Billed at the 'world's only loveable billionaire', I found Russell's 'Arthur' to be a bit winey and lacking any real endearing qualities.

Even though he pursues true love at the expense of his family fortune I didn't really feel any connection between him and Greta Gerwig, and I also felt there was a lack of empathy and gravitas of the relationship between him and his life-long nanny, 'Hobson', played by Helen Mirren.
Arthur remake bathtub billboard
I wonder if my apathy in part towards the movie came from changing times. I'm sure back in the 80's Dudley Moore's eccentric drunken character may have been more endearing in simpler times. In this age of recession and media overexposure, where 'Real Housewives' and self-interested reality star celebrity wannabes are shown vulgarly spending, partying and generally being quite despicable on a daily basis, it's hard to find Arthur that sympathetic.
Arthur movie poster
Arthur is entertaining enough, there's a few laughs, although it's a bit mediocre and only just scrapes a three *** star rating. I'd save your money and a trip to the cinema and wait for the DVD.

Today we're off to see the espionage thriller Hanna and I have high hopes, so let's hope they are not equally dashed...

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