Monday, April 18, 2011

The unbearable cuteness of being 3...

Happy 3rd Birthday Cooper!

Can you believe our boy is all grown up. I remember when we brought him home as an eight week old Labrador pup, it seems like only yesterday.

3 year old yellow Labrador Cooper
3 year old English Labrador Cooper
As always Cooper got lots of treats, toys and a new collar, plus his favourite walk up Runyon Canyon for his special day.
3 year old yellow Labrador Cooper
If you think he looks as adorable as we do, be sure to check out some of the milestones in his life so far. Check out pup's first swimming pool lesson, Cooper's first at the beach and even his first time swimming in the Pacific Ocean.

Birthday party games - find the treat!
Cooper dog party games
I think I've managed to capture most of Cooper's life on camera, but I'm sure there's many more misadventures to come.

Cooper wonders where all his presents are
Happy 3rd Birthday Labrador Cooper
Even though he's three, he'll always be our pup to us...

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