Thursday, May 19, 2011

100th Bay to Breakers costume craziness...

Where can you find a pregnant Princess Leia, escapees from Alcatraz, 100 beer bottles on the wall and more crazy sights? Where else but the 100th Annual Bay to Breakers 12k fun run in San Francisco on May 15, 2011.

Star Wars costumes at Bay to Breakers Centennial celebrations
Star Wars costumes 100th Bay to Breakers
People of all ages, ethnicity and background come together for a chance to dress up in creative and original ways and run, walk or drunkenly stagger the 7.46 miles from San Francisco's Embarcadero to the Pacific Ocean traveling through the Golden Gate Park.
100th Bay to Breakers beer bottle walls
Beer bottle wall costumes Bay to Breakers 2011
It's my second year in attendance and it's always a sight to behold.
Alcatraz runners 100th Bay to Breakers
100th Bay to Breakers runners
This year to get in the party spirit I donned a Wonder Woman costume not to feel out of place like last year when I'd run in regular running clothes.

Jason in Hollywood as Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman Bay to Breakers 2011
I have to say it's not that comfortable to run in a costume, but at least I've ticked another thing off my Bucket List - Lynda Carter eat your heart out.
100th Bay to Breakers green lycra bodysuits100th Bay to Breakers costumes
And just when you thought you'd seen it all, something else comes along to make you laugh or capture your imagination.

Porta Party costume
Porta party 100th Bay to Breakers
Then there's always some highly topical and prepared to push their costume to the limits, like this patriotic Osama Bin Laden impersonator.
100th Bay to Breakers Bin Laden
Apparently after complaints from some local residents about some Bay to Breaker participants vomiting and urinating in the streets and general unruly behaviour, alcohol and parade floats were banned from the Centennial celebrations.
100th Bay to Breakers street party
Obviously that didn't stop everyone and spirits were still very high and there was a great party atmosphere regardless.

Wizard of Oz themed costumes
Bay to Breakers Wizard of Oz costumes
I think people were actually relieved that the forecast thunderstorms had kept at bay and that it was a beautiful morning to enjoy the streets of San Francisco (no matter how hilly).
Robots 100th Bay to Breakers
I was actually running towards the front of the 50,000+ participants so I didn't see all of the creations and apparently a lot of them didn't cross the start line until I'd finished the race, but luckily I had my partner in crime to take lots of photos for me to share with you all.
100th Bay to Breakers Sesame Street
100th Bay to Breakers peacocks
Let me know if you ran and how you did, or if you see yourself in any of these race day pictures.
100th Bay to Breakers Vikings100th Bay to Breakers bat-girls
The 100th anniversary of this fun run is a huge milestone, so I wonder what Bay to Breakers will be like next year (and whether I'll attend).
100th Bay to Breakers beauty pageant100th Bay to Breakers crayon costumes
If you like this photos be sure to check out the fun costumes and floats from the 99th Bay to Breakers in 2010.
100th Bay to Breakers pink hair runner
The next run for me will be my second Disneyland Half Marathon in Anaheim in September, where there will be costumed characters of a different nature, but no less fun.

I'd better put my running shoes on, as 13.1 miles is ever so slightly harder than 7.46 miles...

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