Sunday, May 22, 2011

Be proud and celebrate Harvey Milk Day...

Happy Harvey Milk Day!

Today we need to celebrate the life of a gay rights activist that helped make being openly gay easier and who stood up for equality.

Harvey Milk and Scott Smith camera store at 575 Castro Street
Harvey Milk camera store Castro
When I was in San Francisco for the 100th Bay to Breakers last weekend I walked past the camera store that he and Scott Smith had opened in 1973 along Castro street, and it reminded me that no matter how far we've come, we still need to fight for true equality in this day and age.

There's still so much to do, but the one thing we can do today is acknowledge his pioneering efforts on this special anniversary of his birthday.
Harvey Milk camera store Castro
Sadly even now people are challenging the right to educate today's youth about Harvey Milk in schools, gay people are still being bullied, and we're still fighting for the right to marry and be granted equal marriage rights in the USA.

But there have been some positive things too this past year - President Obama repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell for the U.S. military, announcing he won't oppose court challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act and even fabulous gay characters and storylines like 'Kurt Hummel' on Glee.

It's still important to stand up for equality and what you believe in and that Harvey Milk's inspiration shows that we can make a difference and that things will get better.

Be out and very proud today, and every day...

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