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Cool TV, movie and music billboards around L.A. in May 2011...

What a bumper month it's been for television, film, music and other entertainment billboards in L.A. Not only have the blockbuster Summer movies kicked off their advertising, but the Hollywood Bowl season is gearing up to start, there've been big album releases, new TV shows are kicking off and sports events are back on the social agenda. Let's face it, it's been a busy month for L.A.'s skyline.

TV billboards
Too Big To Fail HBO billboard
Too Big To Fail, indeed. This billboard for HBO's TV movie about the financial meltdown in 2008 really stands out along L.A.'s Sunset Strip.
Glee Project and Paris HIlton billboards
In case you were running out of reality TV shows to watch, Oxygen has two more offerings this summer.
Glee Project TV billboard
They really can keep The World According To Paris, as that must be the very definition of vacuous viewing, but The Glee Project, where twelve contestants battle it out for a semi-regular guest spot on the third season on the immensely popular comedy musical drama, may just be worth a look.
The Glades season 2 billboard
Loving this colourful and tongue-in-cheek billboard for the Florida-based crime show, The Glades.
Teen Wolf MTV teaser billboard
MTV are hoping to lure the Twilight and Vampire Diaries audiences with this new take on Michael J. Fox's 80's Teen Wolf movie. Less comedy and more teen angst in this television version, methinks.
Gettysburg TV billboard
Forget pool parties and long weekends, there's nothing like a good documentary on TV about the American Civil War, The History Channel's Battle of Gettysburg for instance, to make Memorial Day complete.
Getting LA to work billboard
I really like this billboard for the NBC LA news show, mainly because of the illuminated cityscape in the background instantly evokes Los Angeles for me.
Franklin and Bash TV billboard
Not all new TV shows are going to make the cut this season though and this rather cheap looking creative for new legal comedy drama, Franklin & Bash, may just be a casualty if this billboard is anything to go by (it's only saving grace may be the use of cocktail to catch my eye).
Electric Barbarellas MTV billboard
Expect even more reality TV shows this summer, like MTV's series following girl group The Electric Barbarellas in their search for fame and fortune.
Braxton Family Values TV billboard
Next is another celebrity family willing to do anything to bring in the cash, with Toni Braxton's Braxton Family Values, letting the cameras chronicle their day to day life.
Bravo Platinum Hit billboard
And finally for TV billboards this month, did we really need another music talent show along the lines of American Idol and The Voice? Apparently Bravo think so and so here's their stab at grabbing viewers with Platinum Hit.

Music billboards
Giant Lady Gaga billboard
From reality television shows to concerts starring A-list performers and this billboard for Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour towered over the Sunset Strip at the beginning of May.
Lady Gaga Born This Way billboard
Billboards for her new latest studio album, Born This Way, also graced West Hollywood to the delight of her gay fans.
Steven Tyler Feels So Good billboard
Following in the footsteps of J-LO, Steven Tyler used his resurgence to popularity as a judge on American Idol to relaunch his solo career, with his new song and this fun billboard for (It) Feels So Good.
Turtleneck and Chain Lonely Island billboard
The oddest billboard around town this month had to be this offering from comedy troupe The Lonely Island's second studio album, Turtleneck & Chain. To the uninformed, it's hard to know what this billboard is for, as it looks like such a fashion parody and then there's the confusing addition of the Rokk Vodka bottle confusing things too.
Hollywood Bowl Make days jealous billboard
I loved the 2011 advertising campaign for the Hollywood Bowl which is much more contemporary than recent years and going for the youth crowd with its less stuffy imagery and use of social media terms.
Hollywood Bowl Like Comment Share billboard
The billboards really do capture the fun vibe of the Hollywood Bowl experience.

Movie billboards
Giant Kung Fu Panda 2 billboard
If you think it's been a big month for TV, wait until you see what movieland has to offer. 2011 seems to have been filled with blockbuster movies already and May had some amazing billboards like this gigantic Kung Fu Panda 2 creative towering over L.A.'s streets.
The Hangover 2 movie billboard
Another movie opening this Memorial Weekend is a second installment of The Hangover (although personally I think Bridesmaids is the funniest movie of the year so far).
Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow billboard
Captain Jack Sparrow is back for another installment of fantasy adventure on the high seas. If you're a fan be sure to check out these original costumes and props from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
Disney Prom movie billboard
One Disney film that didn't do well was Prom, which may not be that surprising as this is the only billboard I saw around L.A. for it and it's more of a political location anyway, on Barham Boulevard on the way back from Disney's Studios in Burbank.
Cars 2 billboard
Replacing the Prom billboard was a much more exciting teaser for Disney Pixar's forthcoming sequel, Cars 2.
Green Lantern billboard
There's a whole slew of superhero movies arriving in cinemas this year and after the magnificent Thor, here comes Ryan Reynolds in this supercool billboard as 'Hal Jordan' in the Green Lantern Corps.
Super 8 movie billboard
Another movie I'm excited about is J.J. Abrams new movie, Super 8, which has a suitably mysterious billboard to help build the intrigue.

Games billboards
Brink game billboard
Just one billboard for video games this month, but it's quite an eye-catching visual for Brink.

Sports billboards
Dodgers Voice of Summer billboard
The Dodgers seem to have gone down a much more literal baseball theme this year for their billboards and I much prefer them to the Dodgertown celebrity billboards they used the past few years.
Dodgers Friday Night baseball billboard
As you can see there's lots of variety this month. Be sure to stay tuned for a glimpse of the fashion, alcohol and lifestyle billboards around L.A. in May.

Until then check out my Daily Billboard blog for interesting new creatives every day...

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