Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cooper's first dog park adventure...

In all the movie excitement this week I almost forgot to let you know about Cooper's ever first visit to a dog park.

Thirsty 3 year old Cooper
Thirsty Labrador Cooper at Dog Park
Accompanied by his gal pal, Libby, we ventured to the William S. Hart Dog Park in West Hollywood for some Labrador quality time.

Cooper's lady friend Libby
Labrador Libby at the Dog Park
We always avoided dog parks as Cooper was growing up, fearful of aggressive dogs and puppy maladies he may pick up, but now he's three and he doesn't need so many afternoon walks, we thought we'd give it a try.

William S. Hart Dog Park
William S Hart Dog Park WEHO
I was hoping he'd have a good Labrador wrestle with Libby or another large dog, but he's turned into such a retriever now and all he really wanted to do was chase the tennis ball. I think he saves his rough and tumble play for doggie daycare these days (we've seen the webcam evidence).
Labradors at West Hollywood Dog Park
Overall I think we all prefer Runyon Canyon to the dog park. There he can run about off-leash, play with his friends, chase balls and you can move on if there's an unfriendly dog or weird dog owner you don't like.

Hopefully these photos will keep Cooper's legions of Labrador fans happy for a few days...

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