Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Meeting Thor's Goddess of War Jaimie Alexander...

What a Thor-tastic week I'm having. Not only did I get to attend the Hollywood movie premiere of Thor on Monday evening, but today I got to meet the 'Lady Sif' herself, Jaimie Alexander.

Jaimie 'Sif' Alexander meets Jason in Hollywood
Jaimie Alexander Sif Thor movie signing
The Norse mythological Goddess of War was the special guest at a Thor movie signing at Golden Apple Comics (my favourite L.A. comic store) on Melrose Avenue.

Craig Kyle and Jaimie Alexander at Thor movie signing
Sif Jaimie Alexander Thor movie signing
Marvel writer and producer Craig Kyle was also there in his capacity of co-producer on the Thor movie.
Jaimie Alexander Sif Thor signing
I'm still slightly starstruck as she was so friendly and signed a Thor poster and special Thor movie X-Men variant, featuring her character 'Sif' and 'Volstagg' of the Warriors Three in an homage to Saturday Night Fever.

Signed Thor movie X-Men comic variant cover
Signed Sif and Volstagg X-Men variant comic
I think my accent threw her for a moment and like many Americans she thought I was Kiwi or Australian, but I explained that I'm Welsh like the All-Father himself, 'Odin', her Thor co-star Anthony Hopkins.

Waiting line outside Golden Apple Comics
Lady Sif Thor movie signing line
She was lovely and was more than happy to pose for a couple of pictures and even suggested the funny pic.
Jaimie Alexander Sif Golden Apple signing
If you're a Marvel fan, be sure to also check out these photos of Odin's Throne from the Thor premiere at my Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props blog.
Sif Thor signing Golden Apple Comics
It's not often I get this close to a movie star and get a chance to chat with them, so I had a great time (you can probably tell from the big smile).
Sif Goddess of War Thor poster
Aside from being a striking beauty, this Goddess of War also had lots of personality.
Lady Sif Thor Golden Apple Comics signing
I really liked her in the TV show Kyle XY, but I hope Thor does well when it opens here in the States on Friday and we get to see more of her in action as Sif in the future.

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