Friday, May 20, 2011

New 2011 Hearts of San Francisco sculptures...

Every city seems to have their own takes on public art for charity, whether it be L.A.'s Community of Angels project, the Cow Parade, New York's Big Apple sculptures or Sunset Strip's GuitarTown. But you have to admit, there's nothing more endearing than the giant individually decorated Hearts of San Francisco, which benefits the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation.

Classic San Francisco Heart sculpture by Jeremy Sutton
Classic San Francisco heart sculpture
Over the past few years I seem to have visited the City by the Bay at least once a year and the heart installations at Union Square seem to be updated the first few months of the year to keep the art scheme fresh and interesting.

San Francisco's Union Square from above
Union Square from above
Singer Tony Bennett's painted heart still inhabits the north west corner of Union Square, but three new pieces have joined it since my last trip to San Francisco.

Chosen Ones Heart sculpture by Monika Steiner
Chosen Ones Heart sculpture Monika SteinerChosen Ones Heart Monika Steiner
Taking the place of Rebecca Fox's MHS#1 steel heart from 2010, is this rich hued heart with floating spheres called 'Chosen Ones', by Monika Steiner.

Classic San Francisco Heart sculpture front view
Jeremy Sutton Classic San Francisco HeartClassic San Francisco heart
Replacing Keiko Nelson's Heart & Heart sculpture from last year is Jeremy Sutton's 'Classic San Francisco' Heart.

Classic San Francisco Heart sculpture reverse view
Classic San Francisco Heart reverse viewClassic San Francisco Heart sculpture backClassic San Francisco Heart sculptureClassic San Francisco Heart Union Square
Found on the corner of Powell and Geary Streets, this heart lives up to its name featuring the infamous Golden Gate Bridge on the front and black and white noir images from classic films set in San Francisco, including The Maltese Falcon and Vertigo, on the reverse.

Untitled Heart sculpture by Hilary Pecis
Untitled Heart Hilary PecisUntitled Heart Hilary Pecis Union SquareHilary Pecis Untitled Heart sculptureUntitled Heart sculpture Hilary Pecis
Manisha Patel's Microclimates Heart makes way for an Untitled work by Hilary Pecis at the corner of Stockton and Geary Streets.

Untitled Heart sculpture reverse
Untitled Heart reverse Hilary PecisUntitled Heart sculpture back Hilary Pecis
This black and white collage heart really is cool and intriguing to look at and a worthy addition to Union Square.

Let's see what new delights another year will bring...

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