Monday, May 16, 2011

Not so much a wardrobe malfunction, more like an airline one...

After a fun weekend in San Francisco at the Bay to Breakers Centennial 12k race, we've just arrived back home after driving for six hours following a massive failure by United Airlines.

Wonder Woman discovers the perfect Bay to Breakers billboard
Maker's Mark Wardrobe malfunction billboard
Not even Wonder Woman could save their poor customer service as they cancelled our confirmed 12.20pm return flight reservations and rescheduled for 9pm tonight. In fact, we'd still be there right now waiting to fly back to L.A., with no guarantee we'd actually get on the airplane today at all.

Anyway, all those shenanigans have delayed me posting my usual Bay to Breakers round-up, so come back soon for more costumed delights.

I knew we should have flown there in Wonder Woman's invisible airplane, rather than relying on United Airmiles. So much for loyalty reward points...

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