Saturday, May 28, 2011

Zombie pop art wall mural at Corey Helford Gallery...

I've driven past this fantastic wall mural on the side of the Corey Helford Gallery on the way to the Helm's Bakery furniture stores in the past and so this time I couldn't resist stopping to get a few photos of the 60-foot piece of public art.

D*Face zombified In the Car pop art wall mural
DFace mural Corey Helford Gallery
The mural is by D*Face, a British artist who was also responsible for the alternative Oscar statues that popped up in L.A. back in March 2010 for the annual Academy Awards.
DFace zombie car mural Corey Helford Gallery
Apparently he created this zombified work, a take on Roy Lichtenstein's 'In the Car' 1963 romance pop art, whilst he had a solo exhibition at the gallery.
Zombie In the Car mural DFace
If you want to take a look yourself you'll find it in the Culver City Art District, along Washington Boulevard at McManus Avenue. Here's also a fun time-lapse video of the cool mural being created.
Maybe San Francisco isn't the only city with great art on its streets after all...

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