Friday, June 3, 2011

Animal testing ethical dilemma billboards...

In May there were two billboards that really caught my eye on the streets of L.A., both concerned with animal testing, but each showing a different side of the argument.
Rather see live billboard
First there was this sickly sweet 'Who would you rather see live?' creative, with the implication being the laboratory 'rat' or 'her'.

Secondly there was PETA's very overt 'monkey murder' billboard, expressing that any experimenting on animals is unnecessary and there is a better way of doing things.

Who really knows what testing has had to happen so I can buy the products I use every day, or the clothes I wear, or even the food I eat.
PETA monkey murder billboard
I do know I'd prefer animal testing not to happen and especially not for the likes of a new mascara, lipstick or other purely vanity-based cosmetic products.

But what if testing on animals can help find a cure for cancer, AIDS or the common cold? And even help save the life of a loved one, should it continue.

Then, what animals is it ok to test on? Mice, rats, monkeys, cats, dogs? As a dog owner I'd hate to see animals being mistreated. Or should all these experiments be conducted on human test subjects? And who would these be, the poor and vulnerable?

I honestly don't know the answer to the questions raised, but I'm glad that both sides of the story are being presented. These billboards certainly got me thinking anyway...

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