Monday, June 13, 2011

Colourful characters of West Hollywood's Gay Pride Parade...

Not even the June gloom could dispel the sense of gay pride at West Hollywood's Annual Pride Parade on Sunday, as Santa Monica Boulevard was crammed with colour, D-List celebrities and local characters.

Pride's Grand Marshal: Ice-skating superstar Johnny Weir
Johnny Weir WEHO Pride Parade Grand MarshalJohnny Weir LA Pride Parade 2011Johnny Weir WEHO Pride Parade 2011
It's my fourth Pride in L.A. and this year we tried out a new location further down the Parade route for a change.

Perennial favourite Micky's Bar fire truck
Morgan McMichaels WEHO Pride Parade 2011Micky's fire truck WEHO Pride 2011
Micky's go-go boy LA Pride Parade
Even though I love this annual celebration of our gay community I couldn't help but feel there was something lacking.

Pride's Lifetime Achievement Award:
Gay-friendly funny lady Margaret Cho
Margaret Cho WEHO Pride Parade 2011Margaret Cho LA Pride Parade 2011

Pride's Person of the Year: Bravo's Andy Cohen
with Flipping Out's Jenni Pulos and Zoila Chavez
Andy Cohen WEHO Pride Parade
West Hollywood Pride Parade Andy Cohen

Drag Race season 3 winner: Raja and runner-up Manila Luzon
Drag Race Winner Raja WEHO Pride ParadeRaja LA Pride Parade 2011

Hollywood's infamous Pink Lady: Kitten Kay Sera
Kitten Kay Sera WEHO Pride 2011
Where was the energy, the originality and creativity that makes our way of life so fabulous and vibrant?

Hot Pride Parade guys and girls
WEHO Pride Parade Abbey guy
Glitterball spectacle WEHO Pride Parade 2011
Hot muscle guy WEHO Pride Parade 2011
Surely it couldn't all have been about where I was standing to view the Parade this year?
Bear angel WEHO Pride ParadeWest Hollywood Pride Parade rainbow tutuWEHO Pride Parade muscle guy
I felt like I'd seen it all before, where were the new floats and themed costume entries, where was the quality?

Gloria Alred and The All-Reds
Gloria Alred WEHO Pride Parade 2011
Unfortunately this year seemed like so much self promotion, be if from the likes of attorney's like Gloria Alred, to the Renaissance Faire and film studios promoting forthcoming movies with no discernible gay theme.

Hollywood Fringe entertained the crowds
Hollywood Fringe Weir LA Pride Parade 2011Hollywood Fringe WEHO Pride Parade 2011

LA Cheer put on a show
Cheer LA Pride Parade
Yes, it's great that companies come out to support their LGBT staff and the community, but does a Gelson's truck and the same shopping carts every year really say 'we support you', or does it say we can't be bothered to make an effort?
Project Rainbow LA Pride 2011
Pride around the world float
If we have to sacrifice quantity for quality so be it.

Barnacle Busters LGBT scuba club make an effort for the Parade
Barnacle Busters WEHO Pride ParadeGay Scuba club WEHO Pride Parade 2011
I'd love to see more decorated and themed floats, more outrageous costumes, more carnival spirit, more drama and spectacle.
Baton twirler WEHO Pride Parade 2011
Gay Mens Chorus WEHO Pride Parade 2011
West Hollywood Pride Parade costume
I want to see the diversity and passion of a community brought to life.

AIDS Lifecycle heroes
AIDS Lifecycle WEHO Pride Parade 2011
And I'm not advocating that the important gay rights issues, charities and support groups have to be left by the way side either, this is a fantastic once a year opportunity to demonstrate, celebrate and be seen and heard.

Campaigning for equality and help for the gay community
30 years AIDS WEHO Pride ParadeMarriage rights WEHO Pride Parade
Trevor Project Future's Bright float
Let's put on a show for all ages, ethnicity, gender and sexual preference and be proud of it.
Patent boots LA Pride Parade 2011
Beauty Collection float WEHO Pride Parade
Multi-coloured drag WEHO Pride Parade 2011
Basically I want to have my cake and eat it too.
West Hollywood Pride Parade nursesWest Hollywood Pride Parade love
I may be sounding like a bitter old queen, but I think there are some constructive criticisms here, but to be honest, I'd rather have a mediocre Pride Parade than none at all.
Bienestar angel WEHO Pride ParadeRainbow wheel WEHO Pride Parade
Rollerskating angel WEHO Pride Parade
Check out the highlights from previous West Hollywood Pride Parades in 2010, 2009 and 2008 to see how they were different.

Eat your heart our Glee - Out staff from NBC Universal
Out NBC Universal WEHO Pride Parade 2011

Going Gaga for West Hollywood's Gay Pride Parade
Gaga for WEHO Gay Pride 2011Rainbow Pride West Hollywood 2011
And come back soon for even more photos from this year's Pride festivities...

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