Monday, June 6, 2011

Come rain or shine life's a beach...

A dog beach, that is, and this particular one is a favourite of Cooper's in Santa Barbara.
Hendry's Dog Beach Labrador Cooper
Our three year old Labrador certainly didn't mind the lack of sunshine or the drizzle as we played along the shore of Hendry's Beach.
Hednry's Dog Beach Santa Barbara
Actually I think he preferred it, as he doesn't overheat so much when it's cooler.
Hendry's Dog Beach Santa Barbara
And seeing him so excited we didn't mind the inclement weather either, or the almost two hour drive from West Hollywood.
Hendry's Dog Beach surf pup
Regular visitors will know that Cooper is spoiled rotten, so a dog beach visit at the weekend should come as no surprise.
Usually after washing down Cooper at the fantastic dog showers at the beach we head into Santa Barbara for a stroll along Stearn's Wharf, but the rain was even heavier by the time we left, so it was back in the car to the sunnier climes of L.A. instead.
Labrador Cooper Hendry's Dog Beach
Be sure to check out these photos of a nicer day at the beach, with clear blue skies in Santa Barbara, to see why we love it so.
Hendry's Beach wet Labrador
Here's hoping for sunnier conditions next time (and remembering to double check the weather forecast in advance on the day)...

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