Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dogs, drag and dudes at West Hollywood's Pride Parade...

Yesterday I bemoaned this year's slightly lackluster Pride Parade, but here are more photos of what I do enjoy every year - fabulous drag queens, hot bodies and the gay community being seen and heard.

The Drag...
WEHO Pride Sister Perpetual Indulgence
Amongst the glitter and glamour were an annual favourite of mine, L.A.'s chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who always know how to entertain a crowd.
Skipping Sister of Perpetual IndulgencePink Sister of Perpetual IndulgenceWest Hollywood Pride Parade 2011Lady Sister of Perpetual Indulgence
Sister cyclist WEHO Pride Parade
LA Sister of Perpetual Indulgence
LA Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
In addition to the wimple wearing drag nuns, there's always an ample supply of other fierce and fun divas sashaying their stuff along Santa Monica Boulevard.
Neon drag WEHO Pride Parade

RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Morgan McMichaels
and Mickey's fire truck
Morgan McMichaels Drag Pride Parade

Orange County's Frat House bar Pride Parade float
Frat House Drag WEHO Pride Parade

Chico's Angels
Chico's Angels WEHO Pride Parade 2011

WEHO Cheer
WEHO Cheer LA Pride Parade 2011

Diana Prince
Diana Price Drag Queen WEHO Pride 2011
Rainbow drag WEHO Pride
This year I noticed a lot of dogs, of the canine variety, taking part in the Pride Parade. I have mixed feelings about this as it can be a hot couple of hours on foot and there's thousands of people watching the Parade and lots of commotion all around which could be distressing for them. But all that aside, here are a few of the cutest pink-friendly pooch particpants.

The dogs...
WEHO Pride Parade HoundWEHO Pride Parade PoochWEHO Pride Parade dog
WEHO Pride Parade dog
And the June gloom may have meant overcast skies, but that didn't stop the usual assortment of buff muscle boys strutting their stuff down the Parade route in very little (luckily for us).

The dudes...
Cap America mask WEHO Pride ParadeWEHO Pride Parade muscleAsian muscle boys WEHO Pride 2011Tom Finland Pride float muscle
Line dancer WEHO Pride Parade
Frat House dancer WEHO Pride Parade
Abbey muscle boys WEHO Pride Parade
Vegas Showboy WEHO Pride
Whistle muscle guy LA Pride Parade
Asian Pride West Holywood Parade
It's a hard life, but someone has to be there to capture them all on camera (at least the ones that smile at least).

The rest of the drama...
West Hollywood Pride 2011Pride Parade BalloonsWEHO Pride Parade drama
Love Bug WEHO Pride Parade 2011
Aside from all this there's lots of other Parade participants to entertain and educate the crowds. From community health and support groups, to equality advocates and anti-bullying organisations.
WEHO Pride Parade floatGay seniors LA Pride Parade
Bullying Destroys sign WEHO Pride Parade
There's also a good turn out from LGBT social clubs and representatives from all ages and cultures of our diverse community, pretty much every colour of the rainbow.

Equality California
Equality Pride Parade 2011

Project Angel Food Pride Parade float
Project Angel Food Pride Float 2011Project Angel Food Pride Float 2011
LA Frontrunners club
LA Frontrunners Pride Parade 2011

Gay and Lesbian Center Pride Parade float
Gay and Lesbian Center Pride Float 2011Gay and Lesbian Center Pride Float 2011

Gay Asian Pacific Support Network
Gay Asian Pacific Support Network Pride Parade
Be sure to check out all the D-List celebrities at West Hollywood's Gay Pride Parade 2011 and come back soon, when there'll be dancing in the streets at this year's Pride Parade...

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