Thursday, June 2, 2011

Enamoured by colourful Human Structures...

Not only was I delighted by the Moonrise sculptures in San Francisco, but I was equally enamoured with this other colourful work, called 'Human Structures', found beside it in the same plaza at 555 Mission Street.

Human Structures by Jonathan Borofsky
Human Structures Jonathan Borofsky sculptureHuman Structures sculptures Jonathan BorofskyHuman Structures Jonathan Borofsky
This multi-colored tower of metal men is by Jonathan Borofksy.
Human Structures Jonathan Borofsky San FranciscoHuman Structures Jonathan BorofskyHuman Structures San Francisco
I think this playful sculpture would amuse me for hours, or at least give me a nice visual break at lunchtime if I worked in Downtown San Francisco.
Human Structures sculpture topHuman Structures Jonathan BorofskyHuman Structures Jonathan Borofsky
I was lucky enough to capture images on a sunny day, but I believe the vibrant piece would brighten spirits even on a cold and foggy day.
Human Structures Jonathan Borofsky
I look forward to seeing what new public art I can spot on my next visit to the City by the Bay...

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