Monday, June 20, 2011

Green Lantern shines very dimly...

Sadly not even Ryan Reynolds likeability, charm and perfect body can save the Green Lantern, which is a very clumsy superhero movie.
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I'm a huge fan of the actor, but I'm more Marvel than DC Comics fan, so I went along to see the movie with an open mind. For once not bogged down with intimate comic book knowledge I thought I'd be able to enjoy a superhero movie on its merits along rather than just fanboy appreciation, unfortunately I was left underwhelmed.

What could have been a big sci-fi extravaganza, was more like a mediocre experience. Not only was there too much CGI, it was also bad and the alien world of the Green Lantern Corps just seemed straight out of the animation in a video game and certainly not a blockbuster Summer movie.
Green Lantern film poster
The main hero, 'Hal Jordan', played by Ryan Reynolds, wasn't that likable at times and like his fellow Corps members I too found myself asking why was this unremarkable person chosen to be a wearer of this cosmic ring.

Plus the heavy-handed flashback to his dad's death whilst he was flying (and crashing) a jet-fighter seemed contrived and to jar with the pacing of the movie.
Green Lantern Corps billboard
The Green Lantern's rogues gallery also didn't impress that much. The alien 'Parallax' was too much of an abstract adversary, with no immediacy to the threat he posed, whilst he was rendered in an almost cartoon like fashion by the CGI which didn't help. Whereas the mutated Hector Hammond wasn't my idea of a great super-villain - give me a costumed, cackling baddie any day.

Action moved from Earth to alien world with no real flow and not much depth of story. Hal Jordan's motivation was weak at best and his triumph more predictable than cheer out loud. Even though Superman Returns failed on many levels, the scene where he stops a crashing airplane really illustrated what a hero he was and gave you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
Green Lantern movie billboard
Let's face it, the movie could have been much worse, think Catwoman bad, and yet it could have been so much better too.

It was watchable fare and maybe upon second viewing it'll appeal more, but for now Green Lantern deserves only three *** stars.
Green Lantern Corps film poster
With Marvel's superheroes dominating the box office, from Thor to the X-Men and Captain America, Spider-man and The Avengers waiting in the wings, DC Comics had better get its act together. With only Batman's Dark Knight performing well, they need the rebooted Superman to really deliver and give audiences something new, because films like Green Lantern aren't going to do it for them...

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