Friday, June 24, 2011

Maybe the most photogenic Labrador in the world...

Sometimes I think we have the most photogenic Labrador in the world, but then I think that's just parental pride talking.

Quizzical Cooper
Rooftop Labrador Cooper
Then we'll have an impromptu photo-shoot up on our roof deck with Cooper's English Labrador face framed by brilliant Californian blue skies and wispy clouds, and then I know that it's true.
Labrador smiles
He's such a beautiful boy and knows how to work the camera, after all he should do as he's been photographed frequently since he was a young pup.English Labrador face
Be sure to check out some of his cute puppy pictures when he was younger.
Yellow Labrador Cooper 3 years old
How can you resist that smile...

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