Friday, June 10, 2011

Super 8 is a five star movie...

Have you ever left the cinema after seeing a movie feeling invincible? Have you wanted to be able to fly, fight invading giant robots or have an adventure where you discover a stranded alien? That's what I think great movies should inspire us to feel and imagine doing. Some movies have that 'wow factor' and Super 8 is one of them.
Super 8 movie poster
J.J. Abrams latest Summer blockbuster has been shrouded in secrecy, which makes the watching even more enjoyable as his new sci-fi mystery harkens back to those dorky kids adventure movies of the 80's. Think Goonies, Flight of the Navigator or E.T. (which is not surprising considering Steven Spielberg is involved).

In the movie a group of teenage friends film a Super 8 zombie home movie to enter a film competition and witness a spectacular train crash, which is transporting a mysterious U.S. Airforce payload. After this, strange things start happening in their small town and we're taken on a fantastic journey with these young characters.

Super 8 train crash movie costumes
The story isn't overly complicated or entirely original in the grand scheme of science fiction, but it's so well performed by the young cast (especially Elle Fanning and Joel Courtney), there's an energy and honesty there that's refreshing. There's also heart and natural humour, with Ryan Lee's explosion loving 'Cary' provides a lot of the laughs.

Setting the movie in the late 70's, means it's also packed with great childhood nostalgia from walkmans, disco and bikes, to how long it used to take to process film, that we take for granted in this digital age.
Be sure to stay to the end credits to watch the kids zombie movie, it's very funny and the perfect end to an enjoyable movie.

Super 8 is five **** star fun. Let's have a few more original stand alone movies like this Hollywood and not so many sequels, remakes and adaptations.

Super 8 Elle Fanning movie costume
Now I want to go back and watch some classic 80's movies like The Last Starfighter, The Neverending Story, Labyrinth...

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