Saturday, July 30, 2011

Being a total tourist at Vancouver's Totem Poles...

This edition of Jason in Hollywood comes to you from Vancouver, on my very first visit across the border to Canada.
Totem pole Vancouver
Imagine our surprise when we arrived yesterday to discover that not only is it a national holiday on Monday, but the annual Celebration of Light fireworks extravaganza kicks off tonight and it's also Vancouver's 33rd Gay Pride Parade tomorrow.

Sky Chief Pole
Stanley Park Totem Vancouver
We couldn't have planned it better if we'd tried.
Totem poles Vancouver
Not having a race to participate in or friends to visit we thought we'd follow our usual agenda and just meander through the streets of Downtown Vancouver, enjoying the local sights, sounds and eateries on offer.

Chief Skedans Mortuary Pole
Chief Skedans Mortuary PoleTotem poles Vancouver
With that in mind, this morning we headed off to Stanley Park for a relaxing stroll in the sunshine, admiring the snow-capped mountains in the distance and seaplanes arriving and departing from Coal Harbour.
Totem pole Stanley Park Vancouver
Not far into our sojourn we came across British Columbia's most visited tourist attraction, the Indian totem poles at Brockton Point.
Totem poles Vancouver
Obviously I couldn't resist taking a few photos for posterity.
Vancouver totems
We enjoyed the rest of the walk around the 8.5 km pathway along the Seawall to English Bay Beach where the fireworks display will be tonight.
Totem poles Stanley Park Vancouver
It's the turn of the Chinese in the fireworks competition tonight, followed by Spain and host country Canada next week.

Kakaso' Las Pole
Totems Stanley Park
I'm sure the twenty-five minute show will be as colourful and creative as these totem poles.

Beaver Crest, Oscar Maltipi and Chief Wakas Poles
Chief Wakas PoleOscar Maltipi Pole
In the meantime I'm relaxing at the Shangri-La Hotel on the 9th floor of the 61-storey building in Downtown Vancouver, the tallest in the city.

Beaver Crest pole
Beaver Crest Totem Pole
It's not a bad life at all...

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