Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cooper learns to float...

So what did you do this weekend? We took advantage of a friend house-sitting to give Cooper a pool play-date and to try out a floating pool lounger.
Pool Labrador Cooper
For over three hours, Cooper dived non-stop into the pool to retrieve his special water toys.
Labrador Cooper pool dive
Labrador pool toy fun
Labrador pool dive
He totally lived up to his Labrador Retriever heritage and loved every minute as you can see.
Big Labrador splash
Personally I think he just enjoys making a big splash.
Labrador pool float
He wasn't too sure about climbing aboard the floating lounger at first, but with a helping hand and some reassurance he soon mastered it.
Pool Labrador Cooper
I know if we ever get a place with a pool he'll want to be in it all the time.
Pool Jason and Cooper
Luckily, 'Swimmer's Ear' drops work wonders and stops him getting too many ear infections.
Labrador pool toy
One day Cooper you'll have a pool of your own (with a strong filter to cope with all your dog hair)...

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