Friday, July 22, 2011

Eddie Izzard brings comedy to the Hollywood Bowl...

This week has been jam-packed with pool parties, Captain America movie premiere and Eddie Izzard at the Hollywood Bowl, bringing his own unique sense of humour for a fantastic show.
Eddie Izzard Hollywood Bowl
I wasn't close enough to get any great photos, although it's a one man stand-up show, so there's not really that much to photograph, but it's always nice to have some memories of every Bowl visit.
Eddie Izzard Hollywood Bowl show
Eddie started the night in his usual unorthodox fashion by racing from the stage up to the top of the Hollywood Bowl to see the view from the very back 'cheap seats', whipping the audience into a frenzy as he passed by.

Eddie Izzard on stage at the Hollywood Bowl
Eddie Izzard Hollywood Bowl
Never a stranger to controversy, he then launched into his act focusing his atheistic beliefs, always a contentious issue in America where religion in all its forms is so prevalent.
Hollywood Bowl Eddie Izzard
Being a Brit (and fellow atheist) I felt his humour was lost on the international audience at times, but I appreciated all the regional British references and the irony in his act.

Hollywood Bowl light show
Eddie Izzard Hollywood Bowl lightshow
The Hollywood Bowl is a strange venue for a comedy night and I think it's better suited to music and huge stage spectacles, but it was an enjoyable, fun evening and great to see the comedian live for my first time.

Overall not a bad way to spend a Wednesday night...


Barbara said...

Did you see Craig Ferguson in the audience? He says he was there. Izzard was great on his show the other night.

Jason in Hollywood said...

Didn't spot Craig, but it was a packed house, so lots of people.

Apparently some of the Monty Python gang were there in the audience too!

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