Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mickey's singing up a storm in the sunshine...

There seems to have been a recent spate of umbrellas adorning fashion and interior design stores around the streets of L.A., so this latest temporary art installation along Melrose Avenue, opposite Fairfax High School, immediately caught my eye.

Mattia Biaggi art installation along Melrose Avenue
Mickey umbrella mural Melrose Avenue
I'm not sure whether this public art has been approved by the Mouse himself, but it's such a cool visual that I couldn't help but share it with you all.
Mickey Mouse umbrella installation Mattia Biagi
I just assumed this fun installation was another of the ever-changing wall murals that adorn this section of Melrose Avenue, but apparently it's by Mattia Biagi as part of his 'Storm of Life' exhibition in Downtown L.A.
Mattia Biagi umbrella art installation LA
With all the umbrellas and with Mickey Mouse being dripping wet (even if it is by tar, not rain), the art piece kind of evokes memories of Fred Astaire's 'Singing in the Rain', even if it's far too hot and sunny in L.A. at the moment.
Mickey Mouse umbrella art installation
If you like this, you may also want to check out this alleyway angel graffiti and zombie pop art wall mural that I've also snapped around Los Angeles.

You never do know you'll see from one day to the next driving around this City of Angels, but I guess that's what makes life interesting...

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