Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vancouver's Celebration of Light fireworks...

Unbeknownst to us this weekend, we arrived in Vancouver for the start of the Celebration of Light.
Celebration of Light China fireworks
Vancouver Celebration of Light China fireworks
The first we heard about the yearly fireworks festival was from out taxi driver on the ride from the airport to out hotel in Downtown Vancouver.
Celebration of Light China fireworks
The annual firework extravaganza is a competition between three countries and this year kicked off on Saturday night with China, followed by Spain and with Canada to finish later this coming week.
Vancouver Celebration of Light fireworks
Celebration of Light blue fireworks
We were fortunate to join the thousands of spectators at English Bay Beach to watch the festivities kick off.
Vancouver Celebration of Light fireworks 2011
Celebration of Light China finale fireworks
Not familiar with the proceedings, we watched from the road above rather than on the beach itself, as we hadn't arrived early enough to nab a prime viewing spot.
Celebration of Light China fireworks
Celebration of Light firework display
People had actually been camped out on the beach all day, enjoying the Summer sun until the 10pm show.
Vancouver Celebration of Light fireworksCelebration of Light China fireworks
As you can see we still had a fantastic view of the Chinese fireworks display.
Celebration of Light China fireworks 2011Celebration of Light fireworks Vancouver 2011
I cursed myself for not bringing my big Digital SLR camera to capture the light-show, so had to rely on my trusty Nikon Coolpix camera for these shots.
Celebration of Light fireworks VancouverCelebration of Light fireworks Vancouver
We won't get to see the next two shows, as we fly back to L.A. on August 3, but at least we were treated to this free twenty-five minute pyrotechnic spectacle.
Celebration of Light fireworks Vancouver
We'll certainly know for next time. Enjoy this Celebration of Light...

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